Real-time Visibility across your delivery network .. at your fingertips

Visibility across your network in one place

Bring your entire delivery network - private fleet, carriers and agents under a single view

Proactive customer communication based on real-time visibility

Leverage the real-time visibility to give customers accurate and proactive communication to enhance their experience.

Predictive analytics - Fix things before they become a problem

Take the visibility to the next level with predictive analytics and continuous improvement.

Customers routinely see...


Customer Satisfaction


Realtime Visibilty


Asset Utilisation


Billing Cycle


Manual Labor


CO2 Emissions


Driven Miles

Real-Time Transportation Visibility - nuVizz

Real-time visibility across your entire network

Real-time visibility is the core of your delivery operations. Gain up-to-the-minute visibility leveraging our advance mobile driver apps. Extend the real-time visibility to your entire network.

Leverage real-time visibility to enhance customer experience

  • Asset Optimization
  • Delivery Costs
  • Driver Throughput

Enhance your customer experience by providing proactive notifications and accurate delivery information result of real-time visibility.

Customer Delivery Notification - nuVizz

Predictive Analytics, going one extra step

  • On demand orders
  • Driver Idle Time
  • Manual routing hassle

The real-time visibility helps you not only know what is going on but the predictive analytics capabilities help you predict and proactively act, reducing missed deliveries, late deliveries and re-delivery costs.

Workflow Automation

The workflow automation engine acts on the events generated as a result of real-time visibility and help you take real-time actions.

Automated Delivery Workflows - nuVizz

AI & ML at play

  • Driver Idle Time
  • On demand orders
  • Manual routing hassle

The AI & ML capabilities actively look at patterns within the gathered data and in conjunction with the delivery personnel learn and incorporate the changes for future deliveries

Advanced AI & ML Powered Optimization


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Program Lead

The efficient management of final mile delivery has become one of the key areas of operations for us. It includes providing real-time visibility of deliveries, ETAs, advance communication and electronic proof of delivery leveraging best-of-breed technologies

Doug Cantriel
Ford Smart Mobility

We are seeing reduction in driver hours. The drivers are becoming more efficient, Overall a 30-35% reduction in operating costs, mileage and maintenance.

"Made a difference in our efficiency in routing our drivers"

"Great for multi leg delivery networks and end to end visibility"

"Great Team with Great Expertise and an Expansive Platform"

Green Provider

Food Logistics' 2015 Top Green Providers

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