Food Logistics Software

Delivery & Transportation Orchestration Platform 2.0.

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What Makes Us Unique

Food Logistics - One solution for planning to execution

The Food Logistics Solution help you deliver to wholesale, retail and restaurant customers. It allows you to track deliveries of perishable food products to ensure compliance with FSMA guidelines

Multiple Fleet or Delivery Partners

The Food Logistics Platform handles multiple fleet, private, contract or crowd resources on a single pane. Co-ordinate with ease on delivery schedules and visibility.

API enabled platform that scales

Large scale distribution requires handling complexities at scale. Enable your enterprise to ramp up your business with our cloud based food logistics platform that supports your increasing delivery volumes.

Store Deliveries - Simplified

Deliver store supplies and consumables. Capture and report on substitutions and re-deliveries real-time using API integration. Reduce your backoffice workload with our award winning food logistics platform.