Delivery & Transportation Orchestration Platform 2.0
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We are an award winning network-based delivery & transportation orchestration SaaS platform company that caters to all industries and companies of all sizes.

Our vizzion


nuVizz lights the way to better delivery and transportation logistics. From the first mile to the last mile—and everything in between—we’re trailblazers in supply chain optimization and digitization. Infinitely flexible, the nuVizz SaaS platform drives visibility, control, cost savings, and a better customer experience across the fulfillment lifecycle.

Our single-minded mission: Simple and sustainable transportation solutions for every business on the planet.

Go further… Grow faster!

The nuVizz Culture

Enable every business on the planet to have affordable transportation, delivery management and visibility tools, to save costs, increase efficiency and be environment friendly.

Connect all transportation from first mile to the final mile, allow businesses to see cascade effect of delivery delays and enable businesses to operate on a totally flexible transportation and delivery model, regardless of whether deliveries are made by LTL/TL carriers, parcel carriers, crowd sourced drivers.

Named "Top 10 Innovative Georgia Companies". Seen exponential growth on a strong and expanding portfolio of clients. Built on a proprietary technology platform that enables flexible workflow management.

Our Clients

Our Partners

Our partners are an integral part of our technology solution and business ecosystem.

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"Made a difference in our efficiency in routing our drivers"

"Great for multi leg delivery networks and end to end visibility"

"Great Team with Great Expertise and an Expansive Platform"


Green Provider

Food Logistics' 2015 Top Green Providers