“The show must go on”!

The statement very well encapsulates the idea of business operations and how without it, each and every business will fail to deliver the desired value, quality and time to market.
And Logistics industry is the main backbone in an organization supporting it to fulfill these promises.
However, growing client demands, competitive environment, ever-changing consumer demands and new business models demand modern ways to handle logistics which drives not only quality and relevance but speed and consistency as well.

Indian Logistics has following aspects that make it difficult to handle operations without a technological backbone in the system:

  • Unorganized Trucking sector
    The trucking sector in India is highly dynamic, operated majorly through third party players. The disaggregated ownership structure follows many players in this sector. For the operations to function in a cohesive manner, this trucking structure needs to be moderated with a tech backbone.
  • Role of agents
    Agents play an important role in India trucking ecosystem by bridging the gap between the truck owner and trucking companies.
  • Idle truck time
    Without in depth visibility into such disjointed Indian Logistics system, it becomes difficult to cut down idle truck time specially in return journey.
  • Information visibility
    Logistics managers handle loads of information on day to day basis. Their work includes fleet loading, ensuring safety of fleet as well as staff, cross checking rote maps and sanctioning fuel bills etc. Gaining visibility to the downstream operations is not possible with manual processes.
  • Tracking
    Real time tracking and proactive decision making would give the logistics player a competitive edge today but the same isn’t possible without data analysis and real time information monitoring.

Logistics management system needs a technological platform today in order for the players to stand out and have competitive edge over others. GoJentha’s award winning logistics platform offers innovative delivery automation, dispatch management, and shipment tracking. Following are the are the features knit into GoJentha Logistics Management platform to give you the desired competitive edge:


  • Route Optimization, Load building, and Dispatch
    Robust route optimization engine that reduces fuel costs and builds optimal routes based on constraints such as driver availability, capacity and other attributes. Manage changes to assignments and dispatches on the fly.
  • Proof of Delivery
    The platform allows for electronic proof of delivery with photo capture functionality to help reduce the claims.
  • Shipment Tracking
    With real time visibility and cascading ETAs of your internal fleet and contract carriers, your customers will always know the shipment arrival status. Geo-fence any location for instant alerts.
  • Dashboard & Analytics
    Get instant call-to-action dashboards customized. Get performance based metrics of each delivery or load or by business partner. Have reports on auto-scheduler to be emailed at a chosen time.
  • Last Mile Delivery
    GoJentha Logistics Management platform gives you visibility across multiple networks as well as bridges the gap between delivery network and customer expectations to serve the most expensive leg of last mile delivery.
  • Document Management
    One-click E-BOL or a LR generation at the point of delivery. Convert paper documentation to E-Documentation and save on time and money. Process your bills faster and instantly.