Field Service Management involves controlling distributed mobile field force with constant monitoring and keeping healthy customer relationship in check. Due to uncertain nature that prevails in this industry, some gaps remain there in achieving the service excellence.

Following are the challenges faced if field management isn’t digitized:

  • Many players fail to maintain a high first time fix-rate
    Conventional Field Service Management may not have full visibility into the operational equipment needed at onsite well in advance or it could be the case of improper alignment between customer service helpdesk and field technicians. Factors such as these lead to low first time fix rate affecting the service efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Longer duration for claim processing
    Lack of field management software could be a hindrance in having real time accident verification and risk assessment consequently leading to long haul.
  • High reliance on manual paper usage
    Manual paper usage simply adds gaps to the performance and inaccurate information pieces leaving no room for analytics or action oriented insights
  • Lack of communication and collaboration
    Communication and collaboration is the key to keeping customer engagement at a healthy level. Without field service management system in place, no real time ETA can be provided to customer with accuracy.
  • Increased turnaround time
    The lack of real time knowledge about field personnel’s location, performance and hours impairs the ability to assign work as well as task distribution thus reducing turn-around time.
  • Schedule Adherence
    Better monitoring of schedule adherence allows easy servicing to incoming requests.
  • Improper utilization of resources and inventory
    Uncertain factors in field management call for real time resource utilization and optimization. Underused resources can have negative impact on the bottom line of the business.
  • Lack of real time and status update
    Real time ETA can only be accurate if all factors are jointly taken into consideration which is further enabled by field service management system.

 Why GoJentha Field Management? 

  • Real time 360-degree visibility of field appointments
    Full visibility of field personnel and their respective appointments across multiple regions which allows for ad-hoc service requests accommodation on the fly.
  • Documentation at the point of service
    Completely reliable HIPAA and SSAE-16 complaint platform keeps data safe and secure. With flexi document templates, customized documentation can be accommodated including exceptions.
  • Cost Reduction
    With major reduction in paper usage and optimized man hours on the field, cost is considerably reduced with GoJentha Field Management systems.
  • Route Optimization, Assignment and Dispatch
    Optimal routes are provided with GoJentha Field thus ensuring on-time appointments. Dynamic assignment and dispatch to field personnel ease accommodating requests.

Following are few use-case scenarios where Field Management system can aid:

  • Pre analyzing the situation to allocate necessary resources. In regards with stock update or re-order at a distributor can be seen at back-end office to dispatch necessary items
  • Property verification sent in real time
  • Accident verification and risk assessment in real time to improve faster processing of claims
  • A Paint job done or repair job performed/ scheduled- Status update of the job in real time can be recorded.