How to gain and leverage visibility into Home Healthcare services?

Healthcare organizations strive hard to put their best foot forward by trying to ensure best patient care and comfort at an affordable cost. However, the shift in how healthcare is delivered is seeing a new entrant. Rise in the older segment of patient population, hospital bed throughput and non-communicable diseases that require care but not hospitalization have paved a reason to have greater visibility in real time at the point of care at Home. Many professionals in this space feel that Home Healthcare will not only better manage the patient but also reduce the overall spend by reducing hospital admissions.

Visibility to the point of care at home gives home healthcare industry an entry into healthcare delivery ecosystem.  Not only this helps catering to the changes in expectations of new service levels but also helps hospitals to have presence in living rooms of households and retain their patient network. GoJentha Care helps in establishing and leveraging visibility hereby providing real time status of care delivered, ETAs for home visits and better communication with patients in case of any delays.

GoJentha Care is a cloud based mobile technology platform that offers various benefits at all the touchpoints between caregiver and patient for a quality healthcare at home.

For example, let’s see how it works for home lab sample collections. With GoJentha Care by the side, one is able to collect samples from home and update all the stakeholders at hospital in real time. There is real time visibility regarding phlebotomist arrival, document tracking, ETA and reports to enable better communication between service giver and receiver. It allows for efficient scheduling and better management of medical logistics, address tracking for reaching faster and optimized collection process.

Let’s look at some of the challenges that are addressed by GoJentha Care:

  • Capturing process in real-time at patient’s home
    Our highly customized template based documentation process allows to capture the service level details at point of care right from the living room of the patient at the time of service and can be sent back to hospital management or other legacy systems. Exceptions can be documented well and in real time in case service cannot be delivered. Prescriptions can also be captured by the app camera that keeps the images secured within the app.
  • Unique ID of Samples
    There is a huge risk involved of having patient specimen samples getting mixed. Besides, there is huge amount of time spent at the laboratory to tag these specimens to the right patient IDs manually. GoJentha platform can ensure that the bar coding and tagging can happen at the point of care itself. It’s bar code scanning capability will ensure that the unique IDs are tagged to the respective patient sample thus protecting the integrity of the identification and also time.
  •  HIPAA compliance and Data Security
    GoJentha Care platform is SSAE – 16 compliant and HIPAA certified. Patient communication is performed over a TLS1.2 encrypted interface to avoid any man in the middle attacks. The data stored in the APP uses AES-256 non-deterministic encryption algorithm. Data encryption tests are carried out internally using jail broken and rooted devices to ensure there is no data leakage. Communication with the portal is encrypted on TLS1.2 protocol. This ensures no eves dropper can detect the content of the message. Web servers comply with FIPS 140.2 security standards and are often evaluated for security standards with respect to the latest industry certifications. What it means is full security and privacy of all patient / customer data.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    GoJentha Care leverages the technology and allows for dynamic appointment management and optimized route planning. Reduce the travel time of your phlebotomists or runner services and increase the throughput by allowing our optimization engine to plan the service routes.
  • Better Tracking
    With customized geo-fence and cascading ETA alerts, have full visibility of appointment status in real time. Improve your communication with the patient and handle hundreds of your home care appointments with ease.